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Awaken the Wisdom

Emily Miotto

Ever wish you were able to manifest EXACTLY what you wanted, instead of continuing to experience the groundhog day effect of manifesting? That's exactly what you'll get in Awaken the Wisdom podcast. Emily breaks down the complex multi-dimensional realities into bite-size pieces of knowledge to allow you to become the Creator of your Reality. Through Theta Healing philosophy, channeled wisdom, and brain-altering experiential learning, you will discover the deep-rooted beliefs blocking your manifestations, and how to break through them with ease and grace. Through tried and true practices, the latest tips and tricks from the planes of existence, higher entities, and Creator, you will learn just how powerful it is to become a conscious creator, embody self-mastery, and break free from this Matrix to deepen your spiritual journey.
#050: Can You Trust Your Beliefs?August 02, 2022 Episode artwork #049: What Beliefs Are Creating Your Dis-ease?July 26, 2022 Episode artwork #048: Do We Create Illness or Does Our Mind Block Us From Healing? with Soul Specialist VanessaJuly 19, 2022 Episode artwork #047: How Theta Healing® Can Transform Your Life?July 12, 2022 Episode artwork #046: Never Satisfied With Your Manifestations, Here's Why!June 28, 2022 Episode artwork #045: How to Enter the Ultimate State of ReceivershipJune 21, 2022 Episode artwork #044: The Three Beliefs Blocking Your ManifestationsJune 14, 2022 Episode artwork #043: The One Technique to Skyrocket Your ManifestationsJune 07, 2022 Episode artwork #042: Did You Hear about the Conscious Creators Club?May 31, 2022 Episode artwork #041: What Type of Manifestor Are You?May 23, 2022 Episode artwork #40: Using Your Lucky Directions to Change Your Life!May 16, 2022 Episode artwork #039: Are You Creating the Life You Want or Blocking It With Your Words? With Guest Speaker The OracleMay 02, 2022 Episode artwork #038: Help Your Damn SelfApril 18, 2022 Episode artwork #037: How to Have Your Feelings Be Unhurtable!April 11, 2022 Episode artwork #036: If You Fear Death... You Need To Hear ThisApril 08, 2022 Episode artwork #035: What the Fear of Rejection is Trying to Teach YouApril 04, 2022 Episode artwork #034: Are You a Part of the Rapid Ascension Taking Place Right Now?March 28, 2022 Episode artwork #033: What You Need to Know About the Dark Energies of SpiritualityMarch 21, 2022 Episode artwork #032: The Need to Stay BUSY is Telling You You're Out Of Alignment... Here's Why!February 21, 2022 Episode artwork #031: You're Blocking Your Manifestations By Doing This ONE Thing!February 14, 2022 Episode artwork #030: What Shadows Are Hiding In Your Closet? Honouring Your Trauma with Guest Speakers Jess Garcia & Galia BrahimFebruary 07, 2022 Episode artwork #029: Transcending the Frequency of Fear Through Psychedelics January 31, 2022 Episode artwork #028: The Sacred Practices to Owning Your Sexual Power January 24, 2022 Episode artwork #027: Hard Truth --> Your Parent's Molded You To Make Them Feel Safe!January 17, 2022 Episode artwork #026: Letting Go of Our Conditioned Selves with Guest Speaker Doree O'NealJanuary 10, 2022 Episode artwork