Awaken the Wisdom

#033: What You Need to Know About the Dark Energies of Spirituality

March 21, 2022 Emily Miotto Season 2 Episode 3
Awaken the Wisdom
#033: What You Need to Know About the Dark Energies of Spirituality
Show Notes

So you're wanting to open up your Third Eye Chakra?

Have you come to terms with the wayward, spirits and entities that are out there waiting for you to do JUST THAT!

It's easy to find joy in the "fun" side of Spirituality... but what about the darker side?

The side that creates MASSIVE fear, panic and dispair?

This week we're diving into the DARK energies of Spirituality and everything you need to know about it to find balance in your spiritual awakening.


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This episode covers:

  • What you need to do BEFORE you open up your Third Eye Chakra
  • How to protect yourself from darker energies
  • What these dark energies are and how to know they are around you
  • Who is most susceptible to these dark energies
  • And the in's and out's of working WITH this energy


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