Awaken the Wisdom

#045: How to Enter the Ultimate State of Receivership

June 21, 2022 Emily Miotto Season 2 Episode 9
Awaken the Wisdom
#045: How to Enter the Ultimate State of Receivership
Show Notes

Navigating Your Manifesting Belief Blocks Cheat Sheet

If you DON'T feel this emotion, then chances are, you aren't in the state of receivership, therefore, unable to manifest the life you want.

So let's find the simple conscious practices to allow you to step into the state of receivership to become a conscious creator of your reality.

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In today's episode, we dive deep into this one POWERFUL emotion that allows us to be open to receiving your desires.

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This episode covers:

  • Why gratitude practice isn't working for you
  • The one part of gratitude that is forgotten, yet so crucial for manifesting
  • The morning and evening gratitude practice
  • How to build up gratitude momentum
  • The power of being in alignment with the emotions of your desires

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