Awaken the Wisdom

#050: Can You Trust Your Beliefs?

August 02, 2022 Season 2 Episode 13
Awaken the Wisdom
#050: Can You Trust Your Beliefs?
Show Notes

Can you truly believe your beliefs?  Can you TRUST them?  Or are there deeper truths that you've IGNORED?

Let's dive deep into the REAL beliefs that have been hidden from you, and most importantly, let's reprogram them.

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In today's episode, we dive deep into this deeper truth about our beliefs and practices to identify exactly what is your truth.

This episode covers:

  • How this one choice can have you CREATE dis-ease
  • The one test to discern if your beliefs are lying to you
  • The important messages your body is telling you about your beliefs
  • The one belief you need in order to heal
  • Are you listening to your Ego or Highest Self?
  • The ONE practice that allows you to see if your beliefs are lying to you

Links from the episode:

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Who Are You Trusting More; Your Highest Self or Google?
Muscle Testing Practice

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