Awaken the Wisdom

#054: Using the Dreamworld to Manifest Your Desires with Soul Specialist Jill

August 30, 2022 Emily Miotto Season 2 Episode 13
Awaken the Wisdom
#054: Using the Dreamworld to Manifest Your Desires with Soul Specialist Jill
Show Notes

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If you realized the potential to manifest in the dream world, you'd NEVER disregard your dreams again!

This episode is going to dive into everything you need to know about using the dream world to manifest your desires, and how EASY it is to do so.

I'm joined by Soul Specialist and fellow Theta Healing Practitioner Jill as we discuss the planes of existence, the channeled messages about dreams, and the power of daydreaming.

Jill is an Advanced ThetaHealing® Practitioner living and practicing in Toronto’s west end.  She fully believes that allowing ourselves to heal is the greatest gift we can give ourselves.  We get used to emotional pain, feeling blocked, and coming to think it’s normal. It’s not.  Her goal is to help you gently process and release emotional pain and limiting beliefs with the aim of establishing joy, self-love, and fulfillment as your primary operating system. Together you will create an inspired new normal.

She loves to work with caregivers, people experiencing compassion fatigue (burnout), navigating co-dependent relationships, and those struggling to feel their emotions, especially the more controversial ones, like anger.

Her greatest joy is to see light turn on in her client’s eyes as they release the burdens of their past, learn to love and accept themselves in the here and now, and look forward to their future.


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This episode covers:

  • The power of the dream world
  • Navigating the different brainwave states
  • What brainwave state allows you to manifest in the dream world
  • The benefit of intentions before bed
  • Why you WANT to be manifesting
  • How the planes of existence communicate with you through your dreams

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