Awaken the Wisdom

#059: Are You Living Through Your Wounded Self? with Soul Specialist Kathlyn

October 04, 2022 Emily Miotto Season 2 Episode 15
Awaken the Wisdom
#059: Are You Living Through Your Wounded Self? with Soul Specialist Kathlyn
Show Notes

Have you been dishonoring your cycle? Your truth?

When you align with your Masculine & Feminine Energy, you're in the space of creation, expansion, and healing.

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In today's episode, I welcome Soul Specialist Kathlyn to dive deep into how by honouring your cycle, you honour your truth.

Kathlyn Carney is an author, podcast host, Nutrition Education student at American University, and Teach for America alumna. Kathlyn published her first book, We Can’t Change What We Don’t Know – How I Started to Think of Food as Medicine, in 2019 after seeing the consequences of unhealthy diets and lifestyles in her personal and professional life. She recently released season 1 of her podcast, Connecting the Dots, which explores many of the different ways that we can achieve health and wellness in our Western society. 

Kathlyn studied broadcast journalism and psychology at University of Maryland, College Park, and earned a Master’s in Education at Southern Methodist University. She views herself as a continuous learner and plans to keep exploring optimal health practices. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, trying new restaurants, and traveling. Be sure to look out for more products and offerings from Kathlyn in the coming months! 


This episode covers:

  • How to use the 2nd plane of existence to heal
  • How to honour your sacred cycle
  • The effects of hormones on your health
  • How to honour your divine masculine & feminine energy
  • The signs of wounded masculine & feminine energy
  • The feelings connected to your cycle
  • The healing power of boundaries

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