Awaken the Wisdom

#056:You're Not Going To Like This... But You Can't Make Everyone Happy with Dr. Joylyn Sparkles

September 13, 2022 Dr Joylyn Sparkles Season 2 Episode 17
Awaken the Wisdom
#056:You're Not Going To Like This... But You Can't Make Everyone Happy with Dr. Joylyn Sparkles
Show Notes

You're NOT going to like this... but you need to hear it... you can't make everyone happy!

It hurts to hear, and as someone who experienced a lot of fear about not making everyone happy, this episode really hit close to home.

If you experience the people pleasing mentality, then ths is one episode that is a MUST for you to listen to!


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In today's episode, I welcome Soul Specialist  Dr. Joylyn Sparkles to dive deep into the truth about the people-pleasing belief and how to break out of it through reprogramming the subconscious mind.

Dr. JOYLYN Sparkles is the creatrix of the HAPPINESS clinic. She is fierce and unwavering in her belief in one’s ability to be off the charts happy; and she uses everything she’s lived to help high-functioning individuals and organizations to move forward by showing them the “backwards” way of putting happiness first so they can improve their health, communication, and overall productivity. 

She is an expert in communication and relationship dynamics. She simplifies complex and conflicting information to help people change the way they talk to themselves and to each other so they can heal and have more meaningful connections in their lives.


This episode covers:

  • Is people-pleasing Normal?
  • Where does the people-pleasing behaviors come from?
  • How we "survive" after trauma
  • How dysfunctional family systems create the need to please
  • How our value is dependent on how happy we make others
  • The caution to wanting to be in a tribe
  • The TWO ways we'll let go of people pleasing
  • Why it's important to be selfish
  • What truly is an empath
  • Is someone toxic, or is your nervous system sensitive
  • The importance of boundaries

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