The Healers Perspective Podcast

#024: Reprogramming the Relationship With Yourself with Guest Speaker Samantha Gilhooly

December 27, 2021 Emily Miotto Season 1 Episode 24
The Healers Perspective Podcast
#024: Reprogramming the Relationship With Yourself with Guest Speaker Samantha Gilhooly
Show Notes

Awaken the Wisdom Podcast is closing off with self-love and the power of reprogramming the beliefs that keep you blocked from your desires.

I'm welcomed by guest speaker Samantha Gilhooly (current Cosmic Creation coaching client) as she shares her experience of stepping into loving herself through reprogramming the mind, realigning the body, and stepping into her divinity. 

Samantha is an old soul with wisdom and knowledge around elevating to your highest self. She does this through being a student herself in life while embodying the lessons from her experiences but also the day-to-day work she engages in. Samantha has been in the Social Work field for 10 years and infuses spirituality with her knowledge of different therapeutic and holistic healing modalities. 

She is currently a Counsellor at a Sexual Assault Centre, Master Reiki Healer, Yoga Instructor and Personal Development/Empowerment coach. Her dharma is to help those struggling to re-discover themselves. She does so through an intersectional and trauma-informed approach. She has guided many individuals to transform their lives by tapping into their personal strengths and faith in themselves. Samantha is well known for her kindness, transparency, empathy, inspiration and calm nature. 

This episode covers:

  • The choice you have to love yourself
  • The power of Theta Healing
  • The beliefs that are blocking you from love
  • The toxic behaviours self-sabotaging your healing
  • Are you acting through love or FOR love?
  • Understanding childhood trauma and the impact of self-love
  • Cosmic Creation Coaching testimonial

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Facebook: Safe Haven Sanctuary 



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