Awaken the Wisdom

#030: What Shadows Are Hiding In Your Closet? Honouring Your Trauma with Guest Speakers Jess Garcia & Galia Brahim

February 07, 2022 Emily Miotto Season 2 Episode 6
Awaken the Wisdom
#030: What Shadows Are Hiding In Your Closet? Honouring Your Trauma with Guest Speakers Jess Garcia & Galia Brahim
Show Notes

Are you OPEN to receiving?

Today's episode is one that is truly empowering, freeing, and breaks the beliefs around the feminine and masculine energy as I welcome guest speakers Jess Garcia and Galia Brahim, founders of Schools of Consciousness.  

Schools of Consciousness is the realization of years of research and self-exploration. As Transformational Life Coaches, Galia Brahim and Jess Garcia help you break free from mind control and reclaim your sovereignty. They are the teachers of a heart-centered path and help you realize the negative behavioral patterns that are responsible for the same negative outcome. 

They teach you the tools to reprogram from false beliefs about yourself. They offer you a healing experience beyond limitations. They want you to value your personal experience as it is key to self-knowledge. They guide you to reawaken to your soul purpose and tap into your inner freedom. 

This episode covers:

  • How to work through your trauma
  • What shadows are hiding in your closet
  • Why you're blocked off from receiving and feeling good
  • The difference between BEING and DOING
  • The major shifts that your Soul will go through
  • The power of vulnerability
  • Healing Beyond the Mind

If you'd like to work with Schools of Consciousness, check out their links below

Website : 

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The New Paradigm Podcast :

In the Podcast, Galia and Jess inspire you to break free from limiting beliefs. They share their unique views on Mental Health, Self-development, Spirituality, and Sovereignty.

The podcast is available on all major platforms :


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